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Differences between VPN and private proxy


In this article, as you have read in the title, we will talk about all those differences that exist between VPN connection and private proxy. How much do you know about a VPN? How much do you know about a private proxy? Actually, it doesn’t matter how much do you know about those because here, we will tell you everything you need to know about these. Ready to learn something new? We are too!

Your IP address

If you want to be completely sure how your IP address is absolutely hidden (and I am pretty sure that you do), then you should definitely turn to a private proxy. Why to a private proxy instead of just using a Virtual Private Network? Simply because a private proxy won’t ever reveal your personal data. VPN is also a great choice, but, when it comes to some online business, or visiting some pages people shouldn’t watch (like committing a crime or even worse), then only a private proxy can save your personal data. And yes, we know how you won’t use a private proxy for that purpose.


The right tool

Although this article is about the differences between a VPN connection and a private proxy, we need to admit how these two actually act similarly. How? They allow you to act like you are online from some other location. Okay, how can that be connected with picking the right tool? Well, it actually depends on your needs. If you are trying to use some local Wi-Fi connection, we would definitely suggest you use a private proxy. If you want to watch some broadcasting that is forbidden in your country, then you should always use a VPN connection. It is that simple. It all depends on your needs.


Type of a proxy

If you are in the tech’s world (and I am pretty sure that you are, because you are interested in this topic), then you have definitely heard about HTTP proxies. What is so special about them? They are designed in a way which serves a web-based traffic. So, if you want to stay completely anonymous while visiting someone else’s website from which that person earns its money, then you should use a VPN connection. You can connect this fact with our 2nd fact.


Encrypting the connection

When talking about encrypting the connection, then the VPN definitely wins here! Your traffic will always appear like it comes from a remote IP address, which I am sure you want to achieve. You need to understand how in this situation a private proxy server acts like a man-in-the-middle server which is always used for a single application. What is the difference between a VPN and the private proxy you want to use for this purpose? Well, a VPN will help you much more in this case, because it will act like a private proxy, but it will act in that way for all those apps you need, and not for just one.


Overall, a VPN and a private proxy are great. It all depends on your needs. Hope you have learned something new! Now, you are ready to implement our advice into your daily life! A VPN and the private proxy are the best choices you can select when it comes to being safe online. Never forget that!