Stone Animal Figurine Museum – The project was part of the Great Britain year

The Stone Animal Figurine Museum is an exciting project that was part of the Great Britain Year in 2018. This project highlights the fascinating historical significance of these mesmerizing figures, already thousands of years old. As visitors explore the museum, they will find depictions of British wildlife, such as deer, horses and birds of prey – all crafted in stone. Additionally, visitors can learn more about the cultures and traditions that surround each item, with detailed explanations and examples from Celtic, Roman and Anglo-Saxon eras – providing fascinating insight from across the ages.

The museum offers much more than just ancient figurines; at the interactive workshops visitors can even create their own carvings to take home with them. Professional stone cutters are on hand to help guide visitors through the process, teaching traditional techniques that are still used today. In keeping with the sustainable approach encouraged throughout the Great Britain Year, all of the stone has been sourced from within a 50 mile radius of the museum site.

The Museum Trust is looking for new ways to make this project even more engaging for its visitors. Currently they are developing a children’s corner area, equipped with puzzles, reading materials and outdoor activities designed to blend learning with play. School visits have also become very popular – with special educational packages prepared by museum staff – so students can learn everything they need to know about animal figurines and the history behind them.

Overall, the Stone Animal Figurine Museum is an exciting exhibit that offers our British landscape in a different light. It’s both a great day trip destination as well as an opportunity to learn something new about our heritage; providing a window into our past with fun craft activities and interactive stories that everyone will enjoy.

As part of the Great Britain year celebration, a unique Stone Animal Figurine Museum was established. The museum was designed by Sir Stuart Broadley and consists of over 80 life-sized stone animal sculptures. Located near the Chipping Norton near Oxford, this incredible museum provides an insight into British cultural and historical heritage as well as the craftsmanship that went into these sculptures.

One of the highlights of the museum’s collections is a flock of sheep. This wonderful installation was made out of individual sculpted blocks and pieces were then fitted together to build this impressive composition; a true testament to the skill of the craftsman involved in building it.

The museum features various other animals including a wild boar, horses, a stag, goats and a crow and each one is intricately carved from a beautiful off-white limestone. Thanks to this stunning material, the animals appear to move, providing visitors with an unique viewing experience.

In addition to its wildlife sculptures, visitors can also get up close and personal with some of the tools used by stonemasons to create these figures. This is a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the techniques and intricate details required when creating such an impressive sculpture; it really allows you to appreciate the hard work that went into creating this magical museum.

The Stone Animal Figurine Museum is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area and it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular. An ever-growing number of people have already visited during their own Great Britain year celebrations and many others continue to come for the unique displays and amazing architectural work that can be found here. Don’t miss out!